A folded menu with 35 options of "a bite" and an entertaining booklet of Bonappetit restaurant

I have designed a folded menu and my purpose was to make ordering food easier and more interesting for a customer. I myself very much appreciate when I can see what is available to order, not just read the names that sometimes don't tell me anything. Moreover, I have tried to add humour to my work in order to make the menu part of the experience. Restaurant's decorations, atmosphere and taste of food wouldn't be the only things you'd remember after leaving this place. The menu and entertaining booklet standing on the tables would be on of the first things that would make your experience special. 

PRICES and peppercorns

Because of the historical value of peppercorns used as a currency, I have decided to play with the prices of food and drinks in the menu. Bonappetit's price list is built around this predictor: 10 peppercorns = £1 to make this experience memorable and a little fun.

SECTIONS and humour 
The menu has four sections: Special starters, Mains, Desserts, Drinks.
Starters are special because of the names and descriptions of meals, have a look

In the very back of the menu i added a short note to all guests: 
"Just to be clear. What you have seen in the pictures looks even better in real life"

The menu with one side unfolded
The menu with one side unfolded
The menu with both sides unfolded
The menu with both sides unfolded

The entertaining booklet contains surprises like a folded plate, page upside down, cut out letter "E" or a riddle. I have assigned spices/herbs to letters of the word "Bonappetit" and found the most interesting and sometimes peculiar facts about them; I kept them short to not loose attention. The booklet is a perfect way to keep guests entertained while they are waiting for food.​​​​​​​
The entertaining booklet
The entertaining booklet / A folded plate - "You've got delicacy on your plate"
The entertaining booklet / First letter 
The entertaining booklet / The middle showing the sewing 
The entertaining booklet / The only letter that is not in the beginning of any word describing spice or herb!
The entertaining booklet / A way of engaging guests 
The entertaining booklet / Bonappetit has two letters "T", so instead of repeating myself I gave the guests a riddle. If unsolved, the answer is placed right in the next page, although, also in a form of a puzzle! 
The entertaining booklet / If someone did not pay attention to the letters&spices will have to go back inside the book to get to know the answers :)
The menu and entertaining booklet
Sketchbook for the project
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