A group project - "Timberlake" newspaper about Graphic Design course at Bucks New University​​​​​​​
During the 2nd year at my university, my friends and I have been asked to design and print a newspaper about the Graphic Design course. The responsibility for the project has been challenging. We needed to pick the leader ourselves and all the decisions, starting from dividing tasks and deciding on the table of content, ending with the typeface choice and layout design. The paper included a lot of sections, although, the spread I was creatively responsible for was "The designer of the week," in which Robot Food Agency became the hero. This group project, which can be described as a group of people that are working together towards a common purpose, required a lot of energy and different skills from us. Bringing together a group of designers brought up many different perspectives on how to accomplish the goal. 
During this project, I have learned a lot of ways to make group projects smooth:
- create a structure & keep the communication clear - write a brief, highlight the common goal & deliverables
- make workflow smooth - to make the collaboration easy create a file organisation system as well as set deadlines for specific parts of the project and pick days for the group meetings
- positive attitude and contribution - everyone has their own opinion, try to respect them all and emphasise knowledge sharing as well as encourage feedback because through critique the project is actually moving forward  
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