"365 affirmations for parents. The mental training for parents, everyday, the whole year"
The brief for this short-deadline project has been short and clear. 
The author of the ebook wanted it to:
- be a bit new-age, illustrating that “self improvement is in fashion”                                                                                   - give a feeling that it is a pro ebook,                                                                                                                                    - have a modern-expensive look.
The audience for this project has been parents that are looking to self-improve. I have used cheerful bright colours to represent the positive messages, which are affirmations, that are inside the book. The pink message cloud has been shaped in a form of a brain for two reasons. 
One, as that is where all author's messages will end up, giving the reader a feeling of self improvement and a positive reinforcement. And the second reason is Godmother's branding. Its brand identity has always highlighted the importance of brain training and the authors company is all about teaching parents how to help their kids' brains use the whole potential. 
Therefore, I believe that the brain reference not only will be associated with the content of the e-book but also strenghts the brand recognition, at the same time, creating a cohesive image of the company. Having the brief in mind, to make the cover look modern, I have used the paper cut effect for the cover to stand out and to get away from a flat 2D graphics.
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