it's nice to see you here!

A 22-year-old fresh-blood Graphic Designer & soon to be graduate from Bucks New University.
Six years at mathematics profiles at school taught me that hard work pays off and more than anything else, that I need creativity and diversity in my life, so here I am, an enthusiastic designer, set and ready. If you want to hear me say other nice things about myself, here is my CV!

"From the spoon to the city" (Ernesto Nathan Rogers), a quote that perfectly summarises my love to design; the diversity, the possibilities and challenging style of work is what got me into it. 

Branding and Editorial won my heart after 3 years of studying and practising my skills in these areas of design. However, I do not set anything in stone, I hope the industry will surprise me and my next big crush will be Motion Graphics!

I am a yoga enthusiast, probably because of how much time I spend sitting behind the desk.
I absolutely love animals, can't imagine my life without a dog. I became a sushi fan in my 20ties
(a year ago). I either read no books for a long time or happily juggle 4 at a time. 
I also enjoy board-game nights & I believe I am a competitive but polite during them, which makes me a good co-player for Monopoly and sounds like good attributes of a design junior, what do you think?
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